FYZICAL to Reveal the New Balance Program Revolutionizing the Audiology Profession at AudiologyNOW! Conference

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers

With over 63 million people in critical need of balance therapy, a group of physical therapists and otolaryngologists have found success implementing FYZICAL balance centers in their practices. Now, a new assembly of audiologists bravely steps up to the plate to help save lives across the country.

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers will be at Audiology Now on April 5th - 8th in Indianapolis, IN to showcase a unique opportunity for audiologists to add balance to their existing centers. The American Academy of Audiology creates the perfect setting to showcase the newest innovations in audiology, as the world’s largest professional organization of, by, and for audiologists, founded in January 1988. FYZICAL is proud to exhibit their business expertise among industry leaders.

FYZICAL is the only healthcare organization in the world comprised of a growing network of elite, successful PTs, medical experts, audiologists, and a team of world-class business professionals all utilizing an innovative business model specifically designed to help save lives, expand patient care, and achieve financial freedom.

Just like many physicians who recognized the benefit of owning their own surgery centers, audiologists are now realizing the opportunity to generate ancillary income, while having a significant impact fighting falls. According to the national council on aging, every 19 minutes an older adult dies from a fall. Even more devastatingly, many of these tragic deaths can be prevented with balance training. 

From advanced balance therapies to medically-based fitness programs, patient referral systems, and marketing tools to generate additional lines of revenue, FYZICAL's innovative programs are all packaged into a revolutionary business system specifically geared towards private practice success. FYZICAL was developed by Jim Abrams, a proven industry disruptor, legendary innovator, and successful business mogul. Learn more at www.fyzicalfranchise.com

Source: FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers


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